Everyone has a story, but not everyone knows how to tell that story.

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“Behind every successful business is a good story.”

But that’s just the beginning. Many people do not realize that Walt Disney was a teller of tales, not a creator of stories.

These days as a marketer you’re trying to reach an audience that’s already feeling overwhelmed. More and more, they’ve also heard a lot of stories.

Starting with a good story — a story that supports your business strategy — is just the beginning. You have to communicate your story.

I’ve seen some compelling, suspenseful stories presented…

For Entrepreneurs Seeking A New Business Direction and A New Dream

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Purchased from Depositphotos.

Many small and solo businesses want to rebrand or move in a completely new direction. They have trouble finding support and guidance.

So it’s one of those situations where, “Everybody’s doing it and nobody’s talking.”

Well, we changed that around. These 12 experts shared their insights into their own pivots — and the ways they help their own clients and customers pivot as well.

Here are just 7 of the themes that emerged from the calls:

1. Almost every business or career transition is a pivot.

The term “pivot” comes from basketball where you move in any direction but…

Entrepreneurs gain valuable insights from prospects who rejected them.

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Based on a photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash.

Melissa, an executive coach, had been talking to a medium-size company about their new training program. The company was looking for someone to coach six executives and run a weekend retreat.

Melissa spent a lot of time with Jack, the vice president who would be the decision-maker.

Jack asked for videos of previous presentations. He called a few of her references. She met with others who’d be on the team.

Of course, they also discussed prices. Melissa knew her price was well within the market but could be seen as high…

Often your copywriting is just a few tweaks away from delivering all the clients and sales you’d hoped for

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DIY Copywriting? You mean, “Write my own copy without taking copywriting courses or hiring a pro?”

A really good idea because …

… You can save a lot of money. Copywriting is the single most expensive resource to outsource. The more you can do yourself, the more you’ll save.

… You’ll also benefit from being passionate about your products and services. You know exactly how to take advantage of what you offer to get maximum benefit. You not only created the offer: you’ve watched your clients use it to transform their lives and grow their businesses.

… You’re developing a…

That cheap copywriter might be killing your business bottom line.

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Photo by IRCat on Pixabay.

Finding the best way to pay your copywriter can be puzzling to business owners. After all…

  1. Most people have never hired a copywriter..or even imagined themselves hiring a copywriter.
  2. Many business owners believe they should hire copywriters after they’ve paid for design and tech. By this time the budget starts to feel tight and they’re worried about spending too much on what they see is the last piece needed to complete the project.
  3. Most business owners have no idea of the going rate for copywriters, let alone what they can…

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Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Quite a while back, I had a consultation with Teresa, a delightful new coach who wanted to do some marketing. She’d finished coach training. She joined a high-end mentoring program. Now she wanted a website.

Teresa wasn’t sure who her target market would be. She had picked up a few clients. But she wasn’t sure how they would define her market as she grew.

Pay attention to signals…

What stood out was something Teresa mentioned almost as an after-thought. “I invited a group of women to come to my house for a presentation. We had refreshments and we all had a good time. …

The Midlife Career Change No-Fail Strategy

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Midlife career change usually begins when you feel forced to work in a job you hate. Yet a lot of mid-career executives and professionals feel trapped as they contemplate a move.

For successful career change, start early.

It’s easy to postpone a change. You think, “I don’t have time.” Or, “maybe things will get better.”

Career coaches will advise you to develop a game plan as early as possible. Many people promise themselves to stick it out, but eventually sabotage themselves because they hope they won’t have to.

In my younger years, I held many jobs I hated. I moved…

Why career change happens for some people while others remain miserable.

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Feeling forced to work in a job you hate is one of the biggest sources of job stress. It is critical to develop a game plan as early as possible. Many people promise themselves to stick it out, but eventually sabotage themselves because they hope they won’t have to.

Before becoming self-employed, I held many jobs I hated. I moved on but I could have made those moves more easily and certainly more peaceably.

Over the years, I’ve talked to hundreds of other people who hated their jobs. Some…

Ask these 5 questions and watch your website deliver the goods.

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Right after the thought, “I need a website,” business owners usually say, “I need a web designer!”

I did that too, for my very first website.

And sure enough, I had a website that made people say, “Beautiful!” But it didn’t do anything for my business.

Now I do things differently. Before even whispering “web design,” I tell my clients, you need to answer these five questions in as much detail as possible. Once you’re clear on your strategy, you can provide better information to your web designer. …

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Photo by Jasmin Schuler on Unsplash.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my own cats. Yours may be different.

Copy refers to the words on a sales page or advertisement. Copywriting refers to creating the message and writing up the actual words.

1. Walk on the edge and take some risks.

My cats balance precariously on narrow ledges. They leap to the top of the refrigerator or the cabinet. Often I never know how they got up and how they get down. They just appear.

Good copy calls for walking on the edge. The best copywriters say, “Take risks! Dare to offend!”

But, like cats, the best copywriters know how far they can go. …

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