10 Surprising Ways Your Copywriter Adds To Your Bottom Line

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Many business owners wonder, “Why bother hiring a copywriter? I’ve got a designer who can do anything. I can write my own words.”

The truth is … you get a lot more when you hire a real copywriter. I’m not talking about the rent-a-writers on Craigslist who charge as little as $30 an hour. But when you hire a professional you get a whole business makeover system.

(1) Make your website irresistible to your target market…and take the hassle out of the process.

The truth is, a website makeover feels like moving. Having just completed a move within Philadelphia, I still feel overwhelmed. When I made decisions myself (like choosing a moving company) I ended up with a mess. When I relied on experienced people who do this every day (like my amazing real estate agent and the fix-it guy from TaskRabbit), things went smoothly.

I’ve moved more than most people (and even wrote a book about it), but I don’t move every day. But I do work on websites, sales letters, storytelling, and content creation just about every single day (even my birthday and holidays unless I’m officially on vacation). So I can guide clients smoothly through the process. I can choose website resources, but I’m bribing a friend to help me decorate my new place.

For instance, one question I get a lot is, “One website or many?”

You may be better off with several sites or you may create an umbrella website that spins a story across multiple products and services. That’s a decision based on the way you present your message — and that’s something a copywriter can help with.

(2) Design your website navigation so visitors move along a path to become clients. The simple question is, “What should be on the top and side menu bars?” But the deeper question is, “How do you want your audience to move through the site?”

The sequence of pages, and the content of each page, will support or detract from your message. For instance, you may want visitors to read an About Page or a Results Page before they visit your Services Page. And the easier the navigation, the more likely your visitors will stick around long enough to learn about you and make a purchase.

(3) Choose and tell the best story to help you get sales. Storytelling has been called the most critical marketing skill for the 21st century.

But not all stories will present you in the best possible light. And not all stories have the ingredients that sell.

(4) Build your lead generation system so you get more prospects on your list.

Sneak peek: I’ve identified one essential quality a story must have and 5 additional components to maximize results. You’ll be seeing more on this topic very soon.

Some marketers believe lead generation is the most critical function of your website. The way you design your landing page and choose your lead magnet will influence your success — often dramatically. I used to suffer from dismal conversions until I decided to break the rules and reach out to prospects with short, story-based pages. I’ve got conversion rates of 60–70% on some of those landing pages.

(5) Write the script for your promotional video. You’ve decided to create a video — good! — but what can you say if you want to make the most impact? Whether you’re using Powerpoints or presenting yourself in front of the camera you need a script.

Video scripts need to be short and compelling — usually 90 seconds for a home page. Short scripts take a LOT more work than longer, rambling ones.

(6) Motivate visitors to take action. Your Services Page helps you land clients, yet all too many businesses treat this page as a classified ad.

When prospects are looking at services they’re down to the wire. You need to explain the benefits so your clients appreciate your value and you get to command higher fees.

(7) Clarify and strengthen your message. When I work with clients through the Power Hour, they appreciate this benefit more than any others. Check it out here.

(8) Get designs and graphics that reinforce your message. Web designers speak their own language — HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. When you don’t communicate with them, you can end up with lovely designs that actually contradict your message.

When I work with clients on copywriting or strategy, I help them get realistic quotes from designers to meet their exact specifications. And when you create your copy BEFORE you hire a designer, you’ll be more likely to get higher-quality design. Adding copy after the design can actually “break” the design, add more design time and delay completion of your website or sales letter.

(9) Clarify your value proposition. What makes you special? How can you be the go-to person and command fees commensurate with your value?

As you might expect, when I work with clients, we develop your value proposition by starting with a story.

A common response from my clients is, “Wow — I didn’t know I looked this good!”

(10) Develop your first (or next) information product or training program. Experienced marketers know best way to begin your info product — including your Signature System — is to write the sales page before you begin creating your product. You’ll make changes along the way, of course, but you’ll end up with a product that’s marketable — and you won’t waste time creating a product or service that nobody wants. I did a training on this and you can listen to the replay when you click here.

By the way, many business owners make mistakes when they hire a copywriter. I’ve written this report to help you avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes Most Businesses Make When They Hire A Copywriter. Send me the report!

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If you’re new to my community and haven’t worked with me before, you’re invited to a specially priced laser consultation. Click here to get started.

Originally published at http://cathygoodwin.com on September 4, 2019.

Helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses one story at a time. http://cathygoodwin.com

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