3 down-to-earth ways to make your content more relevant and credible

These classic copywriting strategies still work but need an update for today’s more skeptical audiences.

(1) The latte factor.

When the price seems high, you can point out, “This is less than you spend on coffee every month.”

Photo by Billy Kwok on Unsplash

(2) The “because” factor.

Imagine you are a busy college student, waiting in line to copy an article you need for your upcoming final exams. A stranger taps you on the shoulder: “Could I cut in? I want to go first because I’m in a hurry.”

Photo by Anak Danau on Unsplash

(3) The “own voice” factor.

Many business owners believe it’s important to speak in their own voice when they create content — whether they’re building a website, writing a sales letter or developing a course. When they hire a copywriter, their first question is, “Can you make the copy sound like me?”

Eventually, I realized that these personas fit into five categories, which I call archetypes.

Archetypes influence every aspect of your marketing content, from the kinds of stories you tell to the way you sign off on your emails.

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