They’re successful business owners — so why are they precisely the wrong people to give you advice?

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readApr 23
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You’re running a small business and you’re stuck. Not enough clients. Not enough business.

So you’re tempted to seek advice from someone who’s more successful. Maybe you’ll even pay them to help.

If you’re like most of my clients (and me, too) you’ll be disappointed.

(1) The world has changed since they opened their doors for business.

One example I like to use: At one time you could hold live classes in places like the Learning Annex. Your class would get listed in a bulletin and, if you had a captivating title and topic, you’d attract an audience. You could also speak in bookstores and coffee shops. You might hold events in your living room.

I know many people who got started with these strategies. They’ve done well. But those opportunities aren’t available today. If they were starting now they’d be doing something else.

(2) They have a secret resource that’s not available to you.

A life coach (call her “Marina”) bragged that she started her business without a website or a lead magnet. She was telling the truth.

What she didn’t tell you was, Marina’s husband had built up a huge email list, targeting her ideal prospects with a completely different service. He sent around a few emails, endorsing Marina’s skills and claiming she’d helped so many of their friends.

Marina filled her practice in 3 weeks and never looked back.

(3) People are faking it.

You don’t know how successful people really are — and their definition of success may be different from yours. When they adopt the celebrity archetype, they flaunt their possessions and lifestyle…but you don’t know if there’s a trust fund or spouse quietly funding their accomplishments.

What to do instead?

Spend time and energy getting to know your market. Once you understand your market, work with resources who can help you create a strong message, use words and storytelling to convey the message, and start…

Cathy Goodwin

Create a compelling marketing message that attracts your ideal clients through your unique selling story.