3 Surprising Lessons from Prospects Who Say No To You

Entrepreneurs gain valuable insights from prospects who rejected them.

Based on a photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash.

Being rejected after coming so close: that’s hard.

Melissa’s first reaction was, “I’d like to know why. Maybe I can schedule a time to do some customer research.”

(1) Your prospect may not have a good answer to the “why” question.

In general, asking “why” rarely gives you useful answers. I discuss this more in my article on marketing research questions. Asking your prospects why they turned you down will encourage them to be creative — and half the time they honestly don’t know.

Photo by Christie Kim on Unsplash.

(2) When you ask your prospects for feedback, you’re asking them to do work.

Giving feedback is hard for anyone! You have to figure out what points you want to make and how to make them tactfully.

(3) Asking for feedback will reinforce your prospect’s decision to say “no.”

It’s all about the attitude-behavior connection. In his famous book, Influence, Robert Cialdini emphasizes that behaviors change attitudes. Explaining a decision? That’s a behavior.

Photo by Hannah Ohlinger on Unsplash.

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