5 Reasons Your Project Or Program Gets Stalled When You’re Working With A Consultant or Coach

Cathy Goodwin
3 min readAug 5

Entrepreneurs can waste money with these 3 very common mistakes when seeking support for business growth.

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Why do projects get stalled when you’re working with a coach or consultant?

Over the years I’ve been frustrated with clients who pay the full amount for a project, then get stalled and somehow never return. There’s nothing wrong with those clients: I’ve done the same thing.

But it’s important to realize that you can lose momentum or realize you never should have signed up for the program in the first place.

Here are 5 common reasons your project might be stalled:

(1) You start the project just before your vacation.

It’s happened more than once. We start on a project, such as a website or repositioning. We make good progress.

Then I get an email: “I’m going on vacation next week. Can we put this on hold?”

Vacations — good vacations — change people. You won’t be the first person to return home with the realization, “I want to do something completely different.”

You may be jet-lagged and tired. You’ve probably forgotten why you wanted to do this…and if I’m your consultant or copywriter, you can be sure I’ve forgotten too.

(2) You’re getting ready to make a relocation move.

A relocation is at least 10X the interruption of a vacation. When you arrive, you may find new resources that weren’t available in your previous residence. Your rhythm changes.

Besides, you’re tired. You’re using up energy learning your way around your new home. You need a new support system. The last thing you want to do is deal with the minutiae of a website or course.

I wrote a book about the psychology of relocation. Look it up here.

(3) You’re not sure what you need.

This is a good time to ask around your network. It’s also a good time to book a single session with a consultant. It’s one of the main reasons I get clients for the Strategic Intensive.

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