5 Small Copywriting Tweaks To Make A Big Impact On Your Results

For DIY Copywriters Who Want More Powerful Results

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When I started to study copywriting, I assumed we’d make large, sweeping changes to transform the copy. I was surprised to see the impact of small changes. Now I tell my DIY clients: “Often when the copy seems hopeless, a twenty-minute fix can be all you need.”

Get started with these 5 tweaks as a checklist. and let me know how it works for you.

Don’t be afraid to turn sentences around to turn attention to the client.

Extra tip: As an exercise, take the copy you’ve written. Rewrite every sentence to begin with the word “you.” Variations (“you’re” and “your”) are ok.

Original: This course offers 3 tips to revise your home page.

Revised: “Your home page will get more clients when you use these 3 tips to revise your copy.”

Or: “With these 3 tips, your home page will begin drawing clients like bees to honey.”

OK, not bees to honey, but you get the idea.

“You will enjoy” becomes “You enjoy.”

This one tweak changes the whole feeling of your content. While you’re there, get rid of the “would” and “should” phrases too.

“Discover” seems lighter than “learn.” “Get better” sounds lighter than “improve.”

Turn abstractions into symptoms. “We will help you overcome obstacles” can become, “No more feeling guilty because you ordered the chocolate pie instead of the spinach salad.”

OR “You ordered the chocolate pie instead of kale salad — again? You lose all the diet-guilt with our 4-step program.”

Stories and snippets of stories make all the difference.

A few copywriters sing their copy, but that’s beyond my scope.

When you find yourself stumbling over a phrase, that’s a hint to start revising.

I’m Cathy Goodwin, helping small businesses solve their biggest challenges with storytelling. You can download this free report for even more tips — 7 Copy Tips To Jumpstart Your Sales. http://mycopy.info/7copytips

And I have a whole course on copywriting with stories here at this link

Helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses one story at a time. http://cathygoodwin.com

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