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copywriting for small business
copywriting for small business
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When I started to study copywriting, I assumed we’d make large, sweeping changes to transform the copy. I was surprised to see the impact of small changes. Now I tell my DIY clients: “Often when the copy seems hopeless, a twenty-minute fix can be all you need.”

Get started with these 5 tweaks as a checklist. and let me know how it works for you.

1 — Use the word “you.”

Don’t be afraid to turn sentences around to turn attention to the client.

Extra tip: As an exercise, take the copy you’ve written. Rewrite every sentence to…

Career success calls for a new career change plan…hopefully in place before you reach your goal.

Cynthia just passed the bar exam, after trying unsuccessfully a year ago. To everyone’s surprise, she’s not glowing with joy. Instead, she’s feeling a big letdown.

“Ivan” just landed a new job, after searching for months.

“Karen” just sold her business for a 7-figure sum — enough so she may never have to work again. She’s feeling lost and dazed.

What’s going on?

Any transition involves loss — even when you’re experiencing positive change. …

Ultimately, it’s a business and they’re not your family — not even friends. Here’s how to be ready when their frog nature starts to emerge.

In this illustrated extended blog post, author Alison Green debunks myths that many of us have about the work place. Read it here. Ms.Green points out that we should distrust myths like, “Companies are required to be fair and just,” and, “The HR department will help you.”

More recently, Emi Nietfeld write an op-ed for The New York Times about her disillusionment with Google, where she’d been an engineer for four years. Some comments called…

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Linda was excited. “Time for a career change! I’ve got a terrific idea for a service targeted to first-time home buyers and real estate agents. And I’ve got a year’s salary in the bank.

“My friends say, ‘Go for it!’” she continued. “But my business advisor warns, ‘If the real estate market slows down, your idea won’t work.’ How can I forecast the real estate market?”

No crystal balls here.

Did you hear a crashing sound? That was my crystal ball, shattering.

Back to reality.

When you can’t predict events but you need to protect your future, your question shifts from “What will happen?” …

How to be ready for your next job interview when you’ve been working a long, long time.

Michael had been working for a long time, with progressive promotions and raises. He hadn’t been job hunting for a long time.

One day a corporate recruiter asked Michael if he’d consider interviewing for a job in another company. Michael hadn’t been looking actively, but the job sounded good so he decided to try.

He did fine with the substantive “What projects do you work on?” questions.

But one question stumped him: “What kind of boss do you like to work for?”


Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash.

Maxine had just finished a meeting with a prospective client. Everything seemed to go well. But she couldn’t get excited about the job. The people were nice but frankly, she told her business coach, “I got bored. I had trouble staying awake during my own job interview.”

Should Maxine withdraw her candidacy or hang on to see what happens?

The answer lies in the music a lot of us listen to (even though we won’t admit it): country and western classics.

Look up the famous hit by Kenny Rogers, The Gambler. …

Career change isn’t the same when you’ve got 15 years' experience.

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash.

Hal had been working in the same field for upwards of 15 years. He’d seen steady progress in achievement, job titles, recognition and, yes, salary.

All this came to an end during the pandemic. Hal hadn’t been out of work for a long time, but he was confident he could move quickly. He had strong skills in engineering and had worked for a financial organization. He had strong leadership and interpersonal skills. He could write and speak at a level that was well above average.

Hal hadn’t realized his…

Ask the right questions and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free online presence. d

Several years ago, my friend Anne needed a few words changed on her website. It was pretty straightforward: she was updating an event she’d scheduled months ago.

Her webmaster was busy and would charge a minimum to make the fix.

So I offered to help. She wasn’t using WordPress (it was a long time ago!) but I knew just enough HTML and CSS to make the fix.

“I just need to log into your host,” I explained.

That’s when we hit a wall. Anne didn’t have her passwords…

What if it’s not impostor syndrome: you’re really not an expert. You can still create a successful, profitable course.

Yvonne wanted to find a way to monetize her podcast, Late Bloomer Living. She interviews midlife men and women on the topic of career transition. In her words:

[ The podcast] brings together people circling their 50’s who are committed to busting through their Midlife Funk to inspire, cheer each other on, share our stories and take bold action, so that we can define and rock the next chapter of life and achieve new life goals whether it’s pursuing a passion…

These classic copywriting strategies still work but need an update for today’s more skeptical audiences.

Recently I was going through some old posts… I mean, really old, from when I was first learning copywriting. As a brand new copywriter, I was eager to show off what I’d learned, even before I fully understood the concepts myself. Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of cringeworthy content floating around out there.

Have you seen all those articles about updating the classics in your wardrobe and furniture?f “That classic little black dress…” or “That faithful blue suit”

A lot of copywriting strategies…

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