Numbers make your content more concrete and credible.

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Copywriting almost always gets better results when you can use numbers. Think of saying, “We get the job done faster,” versus, “We used to spend 40 hours a week on this task; now we finish in 10!

Numbers paint word pictures. It’s hard to see a number without imagining a stack of blocks or sticks.

Here are 3 tips on how to present numbers You’ll need to test because not all markets respond the same way.

Let’s say your service offers 3 calls a month. You can set it up as a quarterly program and promise 9 calls a month…

Entrepreneurs who follow this web development advice will get cookie-cutter websites without personality.

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Recently a client showed me an article about websites, written by a well-known marketing coach. The article’s premise seemed reasonable. Look at these 10 terrific websites, he said, and use them as models.

Any time you’re encouraged to model your marketing on someone else’s, question it. This marketing coach chose some excellent websites to use as guides. But they wouldn’t be useful for my client. Here’s why.

(1) The websites were all from large-ish companies that sold SaaS products.

Their clients bring different problems, concerns, and backstories…

The secret is in the backstory.

Your lead magnet can do more than generate leads for your email marketing list. With some copywriting strategies, you can create a lead magnet that targets clients who are ready to take action — not kick tires or sign up out of idle curiosity.

I’ve written another post focused on identifying your prospect’s buyer awareness stage. The point is, your buyer has to be ready to receive your message.

You may have heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Similarly, if your audience has a problem, they may not be ready to learn about solutions…

Small business owners need to find their own marketing message and their own answer to the “What’s Your Story” question.

If your inbox looks like mine, you’re getting all sorts of invitations to events that promise to help you

… create a launch that will bring you $30K in a week or two (with no work, of course)

… develop a script for discovery sessions that will convert prospects to clients faster than a griddle converts batter to pancakes

… build on a proven structure to create an info product that will make your computer spin words into gold

So why do so many people sign up for these programs and see few or no results? It’s like following a…

You can embark on a life transition at any age…and it doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket.

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If I ran the world, we would retire the word “retirement.” We would talk about shifting gears in our working life. We might talk about stepping back from work to do something meaningful for a period of time, which could be forever or a finite period of time.

You can shift gears in your thirties, forties, or fifties. You can take time off in your twenties and thirties. You can decide to start a business when you’re ninety.

Of course, some people…

Career changers and entrepreneurs: it’s all about action.

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “Cold hands, warm heart.” It’s a nonsense thing people say when you shake hands and yours are cold.

When it comes to predicting business or career success, I’d add a comment: “Cold feet = empty wallet.”

After years of working with mid-life professionals and executives seeking a career change and starting a business, I’ve begun to sense when someone will really change careers, whether they start a business or find a new corporate career.

I can sense when they just want to talk about it. …

Copywriters want to help. Here’s how to start the search to find the best one for your business.

The good news is …your business is booming. You don’t have time to do everything on your own. One of your biggest challenges has been creating content. But now you’re too busy working with paying clients.

Or your website hasn’t been touched for five years. You’re in. a whole different place now. So’s your audience.

Or you’re planning a launch and need a sales letter (with maybe some autoresponder sequences) and you’re too busy — or too close to the project — to write your own copy.

You’ve got a name or two and it’s time to start the search…

When you run the numbers, your choices may look very different.

Does this scenario sound familiar. You’ve gotten frustrated with writing content and considered hiring a copywriter.

But then you discover copywriting is one of the most expensive services to outsource.

And you start asking, “I’m new at this business. I can’t pay for top copywriters. Isn’t there some way I can get help with copywriting …without breaking the bank or spending a year learning to become a copywriter?”

Maybe you’ve been up late, working on a sales page that just isn’t coming together. Or the goal “website makeover” has been on your To Do list for the last six months…and…

You know repurposing holds the key to productivity. Here’s a whole new way to make it happen.

Creating your online course can be one of the best ways to increase revenue and develop an income stream that gets you away from payment tied to hours. In particular, course creation has many synergies with service businesses. You can refer clients to courses to make faster progress between sessions. And it’s not unusual for students to move from your courses to your coaching and consulting. They’ve gained some valuable insight and they know what you’re capable of offering.

In addition to generating revenue, your course helps you achieve two other business goals:

(1) Your course creates credibility.

Publishing a…

Copywriting for authenticity doesn’t mean letting it all hang out.

When I first started working online, the most popular advice was, “Be authentic. Your online presence should be just like your offline self. Be authentic. Be real.”

That’s great advice. For most businesses, coming across as authentic online will require some thoughtful planning and careful decisions.

Great speakers often sound spontaneous. They work very hard to sound spontaneous without threatening their professionalism.

Make-up artists know that you need lots of creative skill to come up with a look that says, “I’m not wearing make-up and I look gorgeous.”

Dolly Parton famously said, ‘It costs me a lot of money to…

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