Your URL might feel like a brand, but there are many differences.

When you create a new product, website or program, your first step often involves choosing your domain name. It’s like writing your name on the ID badge you’re going to wear to a networking event.

You can choose…

Small business brands need to avoid being too comfortable or too “out there.”

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When I first started marketing on the Internet, nearly all the coaching websites looked alike. We had fewer coach training programs. You could tell that most coaches just applied the cookie-cutter templates they were given by their coaching programs.

I remember the infamous “riding a bicycle” analogy: A coach doesn’t…

“Feeling lonely” may mean you’re telling a negative story about “being alone.”

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I become extremely frustrated when I read posts in online groups: “I feel so lonely.” Or, “I don’t have anyone to share experiences.”

Or, “I’ve just moved and I have trouble making friends.” Or, “My grown children never…

Productivity for online marketing requires becoming an efficient content creator.

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash.

I’ve been writing my whole life. Most of the time writing comes easily to me. But writing to build an online business is a whole different ball game. Demands get more intense every year. As more people write content, the…

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