A Surprising Copywriting Hack For Busy Professionals Who Need More Productive Content Creation

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Awhile back I share one of my favorite content creation guidelines: “Don’t write ANYthing unless you can use what you write at least 3 times!”

An attorney on my email list replied, “Repurposing sounds great. But how do I get enough time to write the content in the first place? And frankly, I don’t enjoy the writing process at all…especially if it’s about me.”

Being a “prolific writer” can sound like a goal for someone else…about as likely as becoming a pro basketball player or ballet dancer.

But being prolific doesn’t require you to be born with talent or invest thousands of hours in practice. Many professional writers learn techniques to improve both quality and quantity of their writing.

Being a prolific writer comes with a nice payoff. You create a presence on the Internet. Even when you go on vacation, you’re still attracting signups and sometimes clients. If you know your stuff, you become a thought leader. People react when they see your name: “Oh, you’re the person who…”

So to start, think of the ways you write easily and effortlessly. For instance, let’s say someone sends you an email. You probably have no trouble replying. And you probably don’t experience the slightest bit of writer’s block.

Another way to write marketing content as effortlessly as you write a note to a good friend: associate each content creation challenge with a story.

Today’s Content Creation Challenge: Demonstrate your expertise without bragging.

Do you hate to write about yourself? If so, you’re in excellent company. Even seasoned business owners — even copywriters! — hate to write about themselves.

For this challenge, try the Advice Column hack. Advice columns have been around for over 100 years because people like to read about other people’s problems. The New York Times — a staid, serious newspaper — now has several Q&A columns about such topics as resolving ethical dilemmas, making career decisions, dealing with quirky social situations, and more. These columns have become immensely popular with readers.

So when you need to create content, imagine someone has sent a “Dear Abby” letter to you. They’re sharing a story and asking you for advice.

For instance, a money coach is a professional who helps her clients make financial decisions. She may not be a financial pro herself but she knows how to encourage her clients to find the professionals they need.

Margaret, a money coach, identifies her audience as, “Forty-something women who just got divorced and don’t know how to manage their money. They may have a significant sum after the settlement or they may be more broke than they’ve ever been in their lives.”

Now we imagine the letter one of these women might write. What’s her backstory?

“I’ve never had to set up a budget before. How do I know how much to spend?”

“How do I handle investments? Where do I find a financial advisor who won’t do a Madoff?”

“I got the house in the divorce settlement. It’s more space than I need. If I keep it, should I run an AirBnB? If I sell, where should I move next?”

“How do I find my credit rating, now that I’m divorced, and how do I build it up if it’s not where I’d like it to be?”

You answer each question by telling a success story.

Give an example of how you helped a client with each of these problems. Avoid self-descriptions and adjectives. Just tell the story.

If you don’t have real client stories, present scenarios of how you might work with a client. You won’t pretend they’re testimonials or true stories. You’ll gain credibility by demonstrating your knowledge and experience, referencing the way you handle this particular situation.

By the way, if you’d like to go deeper into this topic of creating content faster and more easily …

Dennis Becker has a helpful report with specific steps to become a prolific writer. Click here to download — just $27 for a complete package. What’s different is that he breaks down the writing process into categories — easy writing for blog posts, easy writing for short reports, easy writing for Kindle books, easy writing for sales letters and so on.

And if you’re a busy successful business owner, you probably know a lot about writing your own copy. But it’s easy to put “write copy” on the back burner, especially if it’s hard to clear the decks for an uninterrupted hour…or two…or three.

I help service-based business owners create successful content they’re proud to share. Many of these clients operate in the financial services sector, where they have to be especially careful to send a strong but professional message.

The truth is, You don’t have to wince at loud copy that could be written by Tony Soprano. You don’t have to settle for sweet, unpersuasive copy that makes you look like Miss Congeniality. My storytelling method helps you build a compelling robust website presence (and your message gets stronger as we work together).

Get started with a one-to-one 90-minute consultation. Or send me a message to see if we’re a good fit and get questions answered. (If you prefer Facebook Messenger:

Originally published at https://cathygoodwin.com on October 23, 2019.

Helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses one story at a time. http://cathygoodwin.com

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