A Story Template That Delivers Sales

A Copywriting Strategy To Demonstrate Your Value Without Being Sleazy

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And here’s a challenge. What would your company’s “two paths” story look like?

The template goes like this.

Most entrepreneurs can build on a “two paths” story.

For instance, several years ago I was getting ready to buy a new home. I talked to two Realtors. Anne, the first agent, did the usual things. She came over, looked at my place, made some “fix-up-to-sell” suggestions, and then began sending me listings of properties.

Photo by Terry Mallorca on Unsplash.

Some examples from my marketing consulting business.

Another “two-paths” story comes from a client whose testimonial appears on my Story Consultation page.

That’s my ideal “two paths” story. What’s yours?

Can you come up with two paths — one where most people end up and one where you’re the winner (or where you help someone win big)?

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