Are You Rewarding a Lazy Copywriter?

That cheap copywriter might be killing your business bottom line.

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  1. Many business owners believe they should hire copywriters after they’ve paid for design and tech. By this time the budget starts to feel tight and they’re worried about spending too much on what they see is the last piece needed to complete the project.
  2. Most business owners have no idea of the going rate for copywriters, let alone what they can expect from a professional copywriter. They believe they’re paying someone to sit down and produce words.
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If you’re considering hiring a copywriter, or you’re concerned about the copywriters you’ve worked with, here are a few tips to consider.

(1) A professional copywriter doesn’t start with wordsmithing.

She’ll begin with your goals for the project. Sometimes a true professional will advise, “You don’t actually need this for your business.”

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(2) When you pay by the word, you reward copywriters for creating messages that like trees falling in an empty forest. Nobody hears them.

You may have heard the saying, “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter” ( attributed to Mark Twain and many others).

(3) Paying by the hour rewards slow copywriters…and can result in a big surprise bill.

You’ve probably heard the story of the plumber who comes in, turns a knob, and says, “That will be $90.” When the customer complains, he says, “It’s $5 to turn the knob and $85 to know which knob to turn.”

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What to do instead

Pay by the project.

These days, I won’t pay hourly for anything. When I hire an errand-running service to pick things up, I get a range of how much time they’ll need. Otherwise, I’d pay a small fortune for a simple grocery run.

Ask, “What’s my expected return?”

Suppose you’re selling a new course for $97 and expect to sell 10 copies just by announcing the offer to your list. You don’t need to pay a copywriter to earn the $970.

Consider hiring a copywriter to coach you for DIY.

When your budget feels tight, or you want to write your own copy, you still have options. Many professional copywriters (including me) will work with you to craft your own copy.

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