Be ready to profit from your next window of opportunity

Cathy Goodwin
4 min readDec 14, 2020
Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash.

With unseasonably warmer weather, we are opening the windows again. The cats love it (and so do I). To a cat, every open window is a window of opportunity. They’re constantly waiting for just the right moment to make their escape.

As a cat owner, it’s my job to make sure they have screens so they can’t take advantage of those opportunities.

As a marketing strategist, I support clients as they watch for open windows and then take full advantage of what’s out there. Often a small window can have a huge impact on your bottom line… if you can move quickly to take advantage before the window closes forever.

Of course, many of my clients are extremely busy. Some even relate to the notion of being “time-starved.” For busy business owners, a window of opportunity draws mixed emotions. “Yes, I want to do it… but I don’t have time!”

If you haven’t planned for it, a window of opportunity can seem more like an opportunity to work.

One client began our work together with an email, “I’m suddenly getting invitations to speak — but I don’t have time to prepare a talk! What can I do?”

Be ready with an Opportunity Kit so you will be ready to take advantage of these surprise invitations.

Your Opportunity Kit includes:

3 stories you can use when you’re invited on a guest gig

Remember that each story will be used to make a point, and you control the content. Typically you’ll need these 3 stories:

1 — A success story. This story shows how you helped a client deal with a significant challenge. Your client is the hero. You are the guide. Make sure your story emphasizes that you’re using a proven system with repeatable results.

2 — A passion story. Often you’ll be asked, “How did you get here?” Use the opportunity to demonstrate why you are the best possible choice for solving the client’s problem. Maybe one experience left you determined to make sure others didn’t suffer the way you did (showing passion). Or people started asking you to help them and now you have.a business…

Cathy Goodwin

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