Business Decision Guide For The Solopreneur: The Impact of Timing For Productivity

Cathy Goodwin
4 min readMar 28, 2023
Image by Towfiqu Barbhuiya on Unsplash.

You’re a small business owner — maybe a solopreneur. You make decisions as you experience changes in your personal and professional world.

The timing of events will be especially important because they affect you personally. What happens outside the business will affect what happens inside the business.

When you take action at the wrong time, you waste time and often money…potentially a significant loss of productivity.

Here are 3 examples of situations you may encounter, based on my experiences with clients (and my experience). I tend to be somewhat biased, but I listed the pros and cons of each decision.

You’re about to make a major geographic move.

While you’re packing up, you hear about a business coaching program that sounds just right for you. You admire the coach who’s running the program. The price is right. Should you join?

Pros: You’ll keep some momentum going. Being in a new environment can feel unsettled. You’ll have some continuity as well as something to look forward to.

Cons: When you’re moving you’re often in a state of stress. It’s best not to make decisions at this time.

After you move, you find you’re locked into a part of your life that no longer seems meaningful. You might find new opportunities that you can’t take advantage of because you’re already committed.

Most importantly. being in a new place will change your mindset. You may be more or less interested in the same things…and you may be ready for something completely new.

BTW, clients who start working with me sometimes announce — after they’ve already hired and paid me — they’re going on vacation. The effect is similar to a move. Their mindset shifts. They lose momentum. They begin noticing new opportunities.

I almost always advise starting a new project the day you embark on a vacation, especially if you’re traveling overseas for 2 weeks or more. I’ve rarely seen these projects end successfully.

You’re about to remodel your website.



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