3 Reasons Not To Turn Your Website Into An Easter Egg

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Do people still decorate Easter eggs? When I was a child, we had school projects about decorating.

Back then people were less sensitive to cultural differences, at least in my school. So everybody was expected to boil eggs and dip them in food coloring. We also didn’t have video games, so there was less competition for our attention among our young minds.

Since I don’t have kids I rarely see an Easter egg up close. But the analogy occurred to me when I was answering some questions last week from clients and prospects.

(1) Websites, like Easter eggs, must be used immediately or they’ll go bad.

After working with dozens of business owners to create a compelling, “stand-out” online presence, I’ve discovered that the most constant success factor is willingness to change. Your website may need change because …

…your market has changed. Your followers no longer respond eagerly to the promises you made a few years ago. Sometimes your services become obsolete or attractive only to a specialized segment.

— Your business has grown.

— New technologies allow you to manage your online presence more effectively.

(2) Websites, like Easter eggs, are fun to decorate, so it’s easy to forget what’s under the shell.

It’s not hard to find websites with magnificent design and the equivalent of an unsalted hard boiled egg underneath. After all, design is fun! Clients often begin a consultation with, “I haven’t chosen colors yet!” The truth is, you’ll find your colors and logo as you create the content and work with more clients … effortlessly.

(3) Websites, like Easter eggs, can be hidden away and found only during a treasure hunt.

The most challenging part of a website is standing out from the pack and getting traffic. Surprisingly, you can get high page ranking and targeted traffic by creating compelling, relevant content. Some of my own sites and pages have landed on page 1 of Google for popular search terms … when I wasn’t really trying.

Finally, even when you peel a boiled, fresh Easter egg, you rarely have a meal. You need to supplement with side dishes or whatever people serve with boiled eggs these days (unless, of course, you are a body builder on a very rigid diet — I just met one in my gym).

Similarly, your website needs to be part of a strategic plan for online marketing. It’s not enough to put up a site. You need to direct visitors so they can’t help tripping over it, instead of being forced to go on a treasure hunt. You’ll need to think of ways to get traffic.

Ready to plan a smooth website makeover? Download my free website planner. Just click here to claim yours.

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I’m a copywriter, strategist and marketing storyteller who’s been around doing this for over a decade. When I work with private clients, often we discover the plan as we create the content. There’s something about creating the copy that makes the rubber meet the road. Ideas start bubbling. If you’d like to get started, join me for a Story Consultation. Prepare to find some hidden treasure you hadn’t anticipated … even if you’re not looking.

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