For A Successful Rebrand, Choose Your Story

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“What’s the best way to go about rebranding, whether you’re changing your current business completely or adding a new direction?”

This question comes up a lot in masterminds and forums, but rarely gets attention in courses, videos and blog posts. Usually the questioner seeks an answer to, “Do I need a new logo and color scheme?”

That’s a good question. But it’s more productive to begin with, “Do I need a new story?” followed by, “How will the story change my message?”

For example, a business owner I’ll call Louise had been quite successful helping stay-at-home moms increase productivity as they juggle demands of family and business. A business coach suggested she expand her business by targeting female corporate executives who are also also juggling family and business.

After some research, Louise realized this new target could be quite lucrative. But she knew she needed to rebrand — and that meant a message makeover as well as a website makeover. She dreaded all the work involved.

When I worked with Louise, she originally expected to continue her brand with the Role Model story archetype. Role Models brand on their own experience with stories about their own struggles. Their message takes some form of, “I’m just like you. If I did this, you can too.”

That archetype worked well for Louise when she targeted stay at home moms. But she’d be relating differently to her new audience. For one thing, she’d never been a corporate executive.

For the new website, Louise needed copy that reflected the Educator archetype. That meant her website would focus on demonstrating her knowledge.Her blog posts and email marketing messages would include tips and information leading to “aha” moments. Her “how I got started” story would most likely be irrelevant; she’d use stories to showcase her successes and explain complex concepts.

If Louise had developed a program exclusively for her clients — something they couldn’t get anywhere else — she might have chosen the Innovator archetype. But the Educator seemed to be a good fit and Louise felt comfortable identifying as an Educator. She was excited to get going on the rebrand.

Of course we went into considerably more depth (and descriptive details have been disguised because the real Louise is still in the exploratory stage). As often happens, finding her story archetype can simplify a tough marketing challenge. And once you’ve got your message, your logo and graphics will follow.

To learn more about the marketing story archetypes, download the free workbook here. Let the branding begin!

And if you’d like to work with me on rebranding, pivoting or shifting direction, let’s talk! You’ll be surprised how quickly we can get to the heart of your marketing and you’ll be energized and ready for action. Visit

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