Website not delivering clients? Revise your website creation story.

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readAug 31

Your website story influences whether you build a profitable website or end up with a pretty brochure.

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Many business owners are influenced by the stories they tell themselves.

“I’m not supposed to be good at this. Ever since I can remember…” is one kind of story.

“I’m a winner. I’ve conquered almost every challenge and learned from those that didn’t turn out well.”

Let’s get more specific. What is the story you tell yourself about your website?

For my first website, I bought into the story, “First you hire a designer. Then you figure everything out…” A subplot was, “This is way too complicated. I’ll never figure it out.”

That was a story with an unhappy ending. However, in the next story, I learned HTML/CSS, took a course in WordPress, and began helping others tell a new story.

Sometimes a story takes an unexpected plot twist.

For instance, just recently I put the final touches on a website for a client who wanted the project complete in time for a convention he was attending. We were crossing the finish line when he had to find the passwords for his domain name and web host.

There are workarounds for this. If we have access to the registrar, we can forward the domain. We could come up with a new domain name and set it up fast. We could set up temporary hosting on my account.

It could be worse. One client shudders as she shares her story:

“My web developer went out of business. We googled her name and we can’t find her anywhere. She forgot to renew my domain name. So now it’s unavailable.”

In that story, I entered as the “wise guide” character, tracked down her domain name, and helped negotiate a better price when she bought it back.

And now she keeps track of her own hosting and domain name passwords.

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