Hiring A Copywriter For Your Website? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

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It’s always a little scary to hire someone to work on a website. We’ve all heard the stories of people who seemed terrific, cashed the checks and then disappeared. Even worse, some of them actually made our websites worse than they were when we started.

It’s especially hard to hire a copywriter. That person will be your voice with your prospects and clients.

I can usually tell when someone’s going to have a bad experience with a resource. They make one (or all) of these 3 mistakes. But if you recognize yourself, don’t feel bad: we’ve all been there and done that.

Mistake #1: Thinking of hours, not projects.

“Kara” sat next to me at a networking meeting. She had hired a web development service for $30 an hour. This rate sounded wonderful till she added, “I sent over $3500 for my site and it still doesn’t bring in enough business.”

For that sum of money she could have enjoyed a complete site — design AND copy.

What’s important is your budget. If you want to spend $1500, you could get someone for $30 an hour who’d spend 150 hours; or you could get someone for $150 an hour who spends ten hours. The difference won’t be reflected in the quality of your copy. The $150/hour copywriter will not only be faster but also more knowledgeable, so you’ll more likely earn back what you spent.

Mistake #2: Waiting too long to get started with the copy.

Nearly everyone who develops a website begins by hiring a designer. It seems logical … until the project gets put on hold because you don’t have content. You end up paying more than you need and your design often won’t be consistent with your message.

I’ve written a whole post on this. Even designers prefer to begin with the copy. As they say, copy can “break” the design and you have a lot of wasted effort. Click here to read that post.

Mistake #3: Hiring a relative.

This one makes me groan. I know what’s about to happen.

More than one client has shown me a website and said, “Yeah, I know the color’s all wrong. And sure, it’s not as lively as it could be. But I can’t say anything. He’s family.”

You can always find a new copywriter. We can help you find designers. Your family can’t be duplicated. Why risk a divorce? Why lose a friend?

You can save a lot of money (along with your sanity) when you hire a pro. We come with a thick skin. If you say, “I hate the copy you wrote,” we will work with you to fix it … hassle-free. And you won’t have a family member giving you the cold shoulder on a holiday party.

And there’s more! For a complete guide to the 7 mistakes most people make when they hire a copywriter, click here.

I’m Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., a copywriter, storyteller and small business branding strategist. I would love to connect with you. If you are a service-based business seeking to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, check out my comprehensive workbook “From Story To Standout Brand: Your 3-Step Blueprint.” Discover how your personal brand helps you create compelling copy, strengthen your message and establishes your consistent, memorable presence online.

*** “Everything’s easier when you do it with stories.”***

If you’re considering some options, you can check out my services here.

Originally published at http://cathygoodwin.com on May 28, 2019.

Helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses one story at a time. http://cathygoodwin.com

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