How A Copywriter Adds Value To Your Marketing Coach

Cathy Goodwin
3 min readNov 3, 2020

Entrepreneur Valerie had chosen an awesome coach, Ursula, to be her business mentor. They were making long-term plans for Valerie’s own consulting business.

Coach Ursula encouraged Valerie to map out a full year of events and activities, with something big every month. One month she would hold a webinar. The next month she’d promote a workshop. In another month she’d unveil a home study course.

Valerie loved the program. She had just one problem. She seemed to take forever to write her sales letters and landing pages. Her 7-Step Signature System kept getting pushed back because she couldn’t seem to come up with an outline, let alone the content.

“Am I going into enemy territory?”

One day Valerie was browsing LinkedIn when she came across a post by a copywriter named Jim. Jim’s article presented some intriguing tips for writing sales letters, blog posts, and landing pages. Valerie realized she could use some of these tips, especially when she created her 7-Step Signature Program.

But Valerie hesitated. She was already paying significantly for her mentor coach.

She wondered what would happen if Coach Jim suggested strategies that would conflict with Coach Ursula’s advice.

She felt disloyal: was she suggesting that Coach Ursula couldn’t satisfy all her business needs?

copywriting for small businesses and entrepreneurs
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“Let’s see what this copy thing can do for me…”

In the end, Valerie set up a consultation with Coach Jim. After just a couple of sessions, she had created and sold her signature program — more than compensating for her costs. She had learned a new way to write sales letters so she could complete each month’s project on time.

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