How to Appeal To Your Audience’s Values When Creating Content

Use storytelling for copywriting that connects with your clients.

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readMay 30, 2021


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Recently I was honored to be interviewed by Sarah Santacroce of Gentle Business on the topic of connecting with clients through stories. You can listen to the episode here.

Like all great interviewers, Sarah asked questions that got me thinking. One of them was, “Shouldn’t you declare your values on your website? After all, people want to know what you stand for?”

A lot of “experts” advise you to do just that. Some say you “must” share your values.

But what they need to add is, “When you simply list your values, you’re not always credible. It’s better to tell a story that shows how you live your values.”

Most readers won’t even see statements of value. They’re bland. They’re boring. And they all sound alike.

When you present your values with storytelling, you find yourself asking, “What do those values really mean? How do they translate into action?”

What does it mean for a lawyer to be “thoughtful and dedicated?”

What does it mean for a business consulting firm to say, “Your success is our success?”

Can they translate those values into action…or are they using empty words?

For example, a productivity consultant shares a value, “Business should be fun!” She can share a story about developing a unique game for onboarding new staff members.

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