How To Decode Confusing Signals From Your Intuition

Sometimes feeling restless in your career can mean you’re ready for a change in other areas of life…and vice versa.

One of the trickiest parts of starting a life transition is figuring out what to change. It’s not always easy to understand what’s missing from our current environment.

Perhaps it’s evolutionary. Our ancestors might have been nomads ten thousand years ago, but the ability to change their lives wasn’t an option.

We forget how recently we have had options to move to a new city or choose a career path. In some parts of the world, you could never leave your family or tribe.

So we aren’t hard-wired to make these choices for survival, the way we are hard-wired to make choices about food and to recognize danger.

You might find yourself saying, “I need a new career,” or, “I’m tired of my business.” You feel an inkling that something needs to change…but what?

Perhaps you really want to relocate to a new part of the country or even the world. Or you need to take a new look at the personal side of your life…marriage, children, friends, even dogs.

“I’ve been a technical writer for eight years,” wrote Jane. “Now I want to work in a spa. I love getting pampered and I want to do the same for others.”

“I’ve been very successful in business,” said Ron. “Now I’m thinking of something more people-oriented, like nursing or counseling.”

Jane and Ron want something different…but not necessarily a new career or business.

I’ve met dozens of people who loved their careers after they moved to a more congenial location. And I’ve met others who loved their location after moving to a new job.

I used to imagine myself living in the country, enjoying the fresh air, and hiking every day in the woods. Never mind that I’m a quintessential city person. My heart soars when I see concrete and skyscrapers.

Over time, I’ve learned that these dreams just mean I’m feeling frustrated. I really don’t belong in the country after all.

“When I suffer a setback, such as losing an account,” a sales rep said. “I start dreaming about my former life as a restaurant owner. The food. The happy customers. The freedom.

“But as time goes on,” he said, “I remember the oven fires. The cooks who got drunk and disappeared. The customers who were impossible to please.

“And then I’m ready to take on the challenges of my current career.”

“I want to move to a house by the ocean” might be your own intuitive code for “I need a vacation in London.” Or “I need to take a day off from work and then I’ll be fine.”

This post was taken from my ebook, 21 Day Extreme Career Makeover.
I also have an ebook on decoding intution.

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