The 2-word power phrase that will 2X the impact of your content.

Cathy Goodwin
4 min readNov 26, 2023

SO simple…and a lot of writers skip it.

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One challenge I hear from clients and subscribers is, “How do I create profitable content when I’m trying to teach my audience?”

Teaching is an especially powerful form of marketing. As you teach, you establish your expertise. You’re teaching when you write articles, blog posts, podcast episodes (yours or your guest gig), and of course, courses.

You may have heard the term education-based marketing. That’s what many of us do, even if we call it something else. It’s also known as creating authority content…content that establishes your expertise and builds your reputation.

Your challenge is to realize, “My audience isn’t studying for a test. I have to give them information they’ll remember, and I can’t afford to bore them. And I have to meet them where they are.”

A few years ago, I dipped into a business book that a friend recommended. The author (who I’ve mercifully forgotten) presented a 5-step plan for telling a particular type of story.

I don’t remember what the author was trying to teach us. I remember becoming increasingly frustrated as I tried to understand. There was a lot of theory. There were references to Greek and Roman mythology. There was a lot of name-dropping about the author’s clients.

But there wasn’t a single example of someone who’d written a story with the author’s formula, let alone the steps they’d taken.

Here’s what I wanted to tell the author:

The two most important words to use are, “For example.”

Use them after every point you want to make. If you have a 5-step process, use a story to illustrate each step. Ideally, you’ll tie the steps all together into one big mega-story.

You won’t just offer clarity to your readers. You’ll check your own understanding.

For example (!), suppose I want to explain why marketing needs to respond to symptoms, not problems. “For example,” I say, “my client has a lot of ideas but hasn’t started implementing even one of them. She frames the problem as…



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