How to use your current working style to become more productive

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readJun 8, 2022
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So now you’re ready to plan your next offer — a program or product.

Some business owners get an idea and dive right in. I’m in this category. We execute fast…and wish we’d taken more time to plan. Often the “next step” seems so obvious we can’t resist making it happen. After that? We’ll figure it out. We lose time because we’re chasing ideas that would have been changed (or removed) with more plan-ahead thinking.

Others hesitate. They go too far in the other direction. They consider the what-ifs. They delve into the details. They like to be clear on the steps in step-by-step systems. They lose time with overthinking and overplanning…and sometimes wait so long that the idea’s no longer relevant to the market.

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Not sure how to define your work style?

Review the way you approached your last project — large or small. How did you start? What held you back? What worked?

Here’s what I recommend when I work with clients on new projects

Combine planning with action.

For instance, suppose you’re planning a new program. Do the research…but draft the sales letter very early in the process. You’ll realize what gaps you need to fill. What’s missing from your understanding of the market? What benefits need to be added to make the offer irresistible?

Recognize and honor your own get-it-done style.

Coach yourself to take advantage of your strengths. If you’re a “leap before you see the net person,” you can set up systems to incorporate planning…or you can decide to take a lot of small actions with lower downside risk.

Recognize that clarity leads to productivity (and vice versa).

As you get clearer on your process, you’ll use time more effectively…and as you become productive your mindset shifts. You get clearer on what you want to do and how to get there.

If you hire a coach or consultant, know what you need to ask for. And be prepared to feel resistance when you’re advised to do something that goes against your style. It might be time to leave your comfort zone … but you can also decide to adapt your goals to your preferred work style.

I’m Dr. Cathy Goodwin, a copywriter, storyteller, and strategist. My clients are small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and solopreneurs. I help them turn their best stories into sales.

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