I agree that the person who just made one video in 48 hours isn’t doing nearly enough, and I’d like to see a sample of what you’d call “enough” on a daily or weekly basis: adding an autoresponder to a list, running FB ads, setting up webinars…That would be a nice blog post.

As a copywriter, I’ve seen a lot of people who hired big-name gurus. When we start to write the copy, the strategy they got from the guru doesn’t translate into actionable marketing materials and we often start over.

I see a lot of people who are eager to create a website as their first step, typically by hiring a web designer who charges 4 figures. They spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and often I end up advising them their website will do more harm than good.

I’ve tried to advise these online newbies, “Make sure you’ve got a market first. Get 10 clients without a website. And create your message before hiring a designer.” It is indeed a tough sell.

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