“I told all my stories! I have nothing left to say.”

Can you reuse and repeat what they’ve seen before?

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readJun 21, 2024
Image by Ashley West Edwards on Unsplash.

A few weeks ago I reviewed some of my past podcast episodes. And I realized they answered questions I was getting now from readers and clients.

“This content still has value,” I found myself thinking

And I remembered what someone had told me a long time ago.

We live in our own world. We’ve lived our stories. We’re very focused as we craft a story.

So after a while, we feel that story’s getting old. Our content makes the same point over and over.

The truth is

1 — They forget what we said last year…maybe what we said yesterday.

And maybe they’re new to our community so they never heard it before (or at least they’re not tired of hearing the same thing).

2 — They like hearing stories more than once. It’s like hearing a favorite song again. It’s like reading a book again or watching a movie for the tenth time.

Each time you read a book or see a movie again, you notice something different. At least I do! And when you hear a story again, you’re in a different place and you hear it differently.



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