“Looking for a new brand? Start with your story.”

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Recently someone posted to a forum I follow. “Can anyone recommend a top brander for my business? I’d like some help with my personal brand.”

Several people were quick with recommendations. What intrigued me was that everyone recommended just one type of resource: a designer who would focus on visuals — colors, layout, typeface, and graphics.

The truth is, many highly successful marketers never bothered with visual branding. I’m willing to bet that many of the most successful people in your field didn’t set out to choose a brand. Their brand evolved slowly and if you know them, I’ll bet you know their story. They don’t have memorable logos and most use their own names to stand out.

The Case For Creating Your Personal Brand With Copywriting and Storytelling

When I work with clients on websites and messaging, often the client’s “personal brand” actually gets in the way…especially if the client has just been through a branding process and now needs to translate that branding idea into websites, sales letters, and more. That’s because the brand was created without a solid foundation in messaging, which in turn is based on a foundation of storytelling.

So before embarking on a personal branding project, begin by asking “What’s the missing piece in my business? Why do I think branding is the answer?”

Branding starts with your message, which in turn starts with a story.

What I’ve seen, over and over, is that messages emerge organically when we delve into your story. When I’m consulting with a client who needs a website makeover, inevitably we get into the question, “What do you want to communicate about who you are and what you do?” Often we’ll discover a completely new message, as we talk about what the client does.

What’s even more surprising? As you work on writing the copy — putting the words around your ideas — your message gets clearer and richer. It’s like making a collage: the very act of putting things together helps you see patterns. The process works whether you DIY your copy, hire a copywriter (and review her ideas) or get coached on your own copy.

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Originally published at https://cathygoodwin.com on July 15, 2020.

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