Make Your Marketing More Productive With These 3 Storytelling Tips

Cathy Goodwin
3 min readDec 10, 2021

Storytelling — with the right stories — helps you be more productive with your content creation.

Most people don’t associate ”productivity” with “storytelling.” For one thing, we seem to be mixing left and right brains.

Here are 3 ways storytelling can help you become a more productive content creator…which means creating high-converting content more quickly.

(1) Brand with a story.

Branding might seem completely unrelated to productivity tii, but in fact a strong brand can strengthen your marketing and lighten your workload. With a strong brand, you don’t have to explain yourself over and over. You attract clients who fit your offers and discourage the misfits and tire-kickers.

When you brand with your story archetype you gain additional benefits. You spend considerably less time writing your copy. That’s because you know how to choose words, stories and even strategies for marketing. For instance, you may believe you need to add a personal “what I did” story to every email message. As an Educator or Innovator archetype, you won’t need a personal story and in fact, you’ll benefit more from success stories or concept stories.

The different types of stories are explained in my book, Grow your business one story at a time.

(2) Market to the client’s story, not their demographic.

Targeting the client’s story will be more productive than targeting a demographic (such as women over 45 newly divorced) or a more generalized need (develop leadership skills. You’ll be able to create bullet points for written content that directly address the client’s concerns.

You can choose webinar topics and training programs that specifically address your client’s stories (and more importantly, write content easily).

Check out my podcast episode on finding your clients’ story if you’d like to learn more. (That’s the Apple link. Find my podcast on your favorite platform here.)

(3) Use stories to structure your content.

Cathy Goodwin

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