Make your story come alive with dialogue

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readMay 8

Storytelling creates an experience for your audience.

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You wrote your story. You created characters. Now give them some lines to say.

This is one of the most powerful strategies you can use, whether you’re telling a story to a live audience or writing a blog post.

For example:

Marilyn had a lot of concerns about creating an online course. She knew she had a lot of pieces to put together. Recording equipment. An online space to store the course. How much to include. And more.

Let’s change that to:

“I’m totally overwhelmed,” Marilyn said when she called me. “I’ve never done an online course before and I’m exhausted just thinking about it.”

“What’s the scariest part?” I asked.

Marilyn had no trouble replying. “I’ve got a ton of material all over the place. How can I sort out what to put in which module?”

Notice what happened. We’ve got a conversation. Many of us (maybe most) love listening to conversations. That’s why we listen to interviews. It’s why eavesdropping feels like a guilty pleasure.

In person, it’s even stronger. You can experiment with dialogue (without going overboard). You have to be careful with accidents because it’s easy to sound like you’re mocking someone…but often you can pull it off.

Dialogue helps you uncover and report your client’s backstory, from their perspective.

For instance, if you’re a productivity coach, you might work with clients on establishing boundaries and setting limits. Your clients most likely wouldn’t say, “I need to get better at boundaries.”

More likely, they would say, “I feel like I’m juggling a dozen balls in the air…and I can’t afford to let any of them drop.”

Now you’ve got some material for copywriting when you write your copy for your next program launch.

Dialogue grabs attention and makes your story come alive…and helps you write your copy. It’s just one of the topics we’ll cover at the free webinar tomorrow — Telling Your Story To Sell.

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