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With all the changes going on around us, many business owners are looking to pivot their businesses. A pivot means you change direction when your market shifts and your services no longer meet their demands. Or you may feel you’re growing bored with the business you used to enjoy.

Or you may pivot to take advantage of a new opportunity. You realize your skills and reputation have grown and you can capitalize on your new strengths. For instance, one of my clients had built a successful business working with clients on wellness. She now realized she could expand by training new coaches to serve this niche.

Now you’re ready to create content to promote your new offers. Here are three steps to guide you through the process.

David Thoreau allegedly said, “Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” But when you embrace a new enterprise, you’ll require new stories.

Continuing this example, the former wellness coach used to share a story about her own journey from tired, stressed executive to dynamic, highly fit entrepreneur.

Now she needs a new story. Perhaps she’ll talk about how she couldn’t find the resources she needed to start her own business. Or she’ll talk about the way she mentored other coaches, saw them flourish, and decided to make that her main focus.

There’s a free guide for that. Download your free guide here.

If you haven’t done so already, dig into the backstories of your potential new clients. For instance, the business owner now trains wellness coaches will need to find out what’s behind their decision to work with clients on fitness and health. What’s missing? Do they need training in coaching? Marketing? Confidence?

And how do you do the research? More details in, yes, another free guide.

Pivoting takes time. It’s a mini-version of starting a whole new business (and sometimes more than mini).

Every time you write a post or publish a video, send a message to your list, inviting them to visit your blog. .Sure, You’ll soon get a sense of which headings get the most people to click “open.” And as you re-target your list, you’ll naturally attract a more targeted audience.

For some particularly detailed or useful posts, create a content upgrade. Use Beacon or another tool to transform your post into an attractive pdf ebook. I use LeadPages to create a lead box, which is more helpful than just a link to a page.

Look for opportunities to be a guest on podcasts, webinars, summits, and more. You’ll reach new audiences faster and more easily this way.

Guest blogging delivers your message when you follow certain steps. It’s a good way to establish yourself as an authority by associating your name with established blogs. And it’s a great way to get in front of your target audience, leveraging the reputation of the blog editor.

I’ve got a low-cost course on Udemy that walks you through the process. Click here to learn more.

Originally published at https://cathygoodwin.com.

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