Positioning Your Small Business: Cookbook vs. Tire Store

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Small business owner? You’ve probably gotten the advice to find a hungry market. Many people assume a hungry market means people are in pain and hurting, seeking solutions.

Actually, you have access to two types of a hungry market: the cookbook and the tire store. One market always wants “just one more” and the other wants “just one — right now.”

The Cookbook Market

Remember the potato chip commercials that teased us about eating just one — and stopping? This business model targets customers who will always want “just one more.”

People who are into cooking rarely own just one cookbook. They have dozens and they’re always buying more. They also buy cooking accessories. Their friends give them cooking gadgets for birthdays.

You know you have a cookbook business when your market keeps buying more and more products in the same category. Cookbook businesses include quilting, knitting, teddy bears, dogs (ever meet a dog with just 1 toy? Either zero or too many — and I have 4 dog beds for 1 dog), golf, and yes, Internet marketers.

The Tire Store

When was the last time you visited a tire store? I bet you weren’t “just looking.”

Customers buy tires to replace flat or worn-out tires. They rarely browse around a tire store on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They rarely comparison shop. They buy because they’re, well, desperate.

Tire store businesses target customers who think their business is failing, seek solutions to embarrassing personal problems, can’t seem to lose weight, want to save a failing relationship and/or just received a diagnosis of cancer or diabetes.

One of the biggest differences I’ve found is that “tire store” customers don’t need the freebies to promote the product. They just want to grab solutions and the freebie gets in the way.

So what’s your business — cookbook or tire store? If you’d like to fine-tune your positioning, strengthen your message and begin writing stellar copy … let’s start with a Power Hour consultation. It totally changes your perspective. Click here to learn more.

Originally published at https://cathygoodwin.com on November 3, 2019.

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