Positioning yourself as an expert? Choose the best story.

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readDec 7, 2023

Branding on expertise is a critical first step in solopreneur marketing. But which stories will help?

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Service-based entrepreneurs often get advised to “Be vulnerable. Share your flaws. Tell stories about your mistakes.”

Does this sound familiar?

If it works at all, it’ll happen only after you’ve proven you’re an expert in your field. Who cares about someone’s flaws, unless we can contrast those flaws to outstanding qualities?

Learning about flaws is only interesting if we start with, “They seem flawless! They’re amazing! Can’t be real!”

So I always recommend giving priority to promoting your expertise. Get established as an industry leader, thought leader or simply admired for being successful. After that, you can start focusing on flaws and mistakes.

Recently I heard someone say, “I sent out emails for a long time. It was only after I showed a human side that people began responding. So I recommend everyone start with the flawed side.”

Did you notice a disconnect? This person didn’t share a “human” side till success was assured. It wasn’t a first step.

But what story do you tell?

Your marketing style may call for getting up close and personal. You may have been advised to start by showing you’re a flawed human behind the website.

You don’t have to go into teaching mode to prove you’re an expert. The story you choose, and the way you tell the story, sends out strong signals. If you choose a story that checks all the boxes and leads to “aha moments,” you’ll most likely enhance your reputation.

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