Promote your expertise by telling stories

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readDec 1, 2023

Service-based businesses ultimately sell expertise. Here’s how you can promote yourself as an expert (without sounding like a jerk).

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What’s the one thing you need to demonstrate to be seen as valuable…so you charge higher prices and clients feel lucky to work with you?

In a service-based business, you’re selling expertise. You’re offering knowledge and skills beyond what “everybody” has.

You hire a licensed electrician because a handyman might do the job…but you want to be sure they won’t set the place on fire by mistake. You hire a professional decorator because you want someone with flair who adds something to the project…something you couldn’t get from anyone else.

Your clients hire you when they see you as an expert — someone who can be trusted to do things right.

How do you make that happen?

You can present credentials and testimonials. You can talk about how long you’ve been in business and point to a list of satisfied clients. But prospective clients won’t see your credentials or testimonials unless they go to your sales page or “About Me” page. But they’ll get your stories every time you send an email, post to a blog, or appear on a podcast.

Therefore, your most effective strategy for presenting yourself as an expert will be the stories you tell.

They won’t necessarily be about you or your successes. They’ll have specific qualities that communicate, “I know what I’m talking about.” You’ll never have to say that directly. Your audience knows.

In the latest episode of the Strategic Storytelling podcast, you’ll hear examples of 2 stories from a business book, The End of Average.

One story comes from the author; one from an area outside his experience. They position the author as an expert on a topic that’s new to his readers.

These stories work because they’re relatable and realistic. They’re credible — the most important component of marketing as an expert. I discuss these articles in more detail in this Medium article.

In this short episode, I analyze these stories to explain what makes them successful — and how you can use them in your own marketing to communicate your expertise and authority.

You can also get access to my course, Content for Credibility, which teaches you how to write content that will communicate expertise and authority.

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