Putting this in perspective:

In many Western and Latin American countries, nobody cares what their leaders do outside of their official jobs. I believe it was a female French president who said something like, “Of course I have affairs! Who doesn’t?”

Bill Clinton is hardly the first American President to engage in extramarital activities, but he may have been the first to be called to a public accounting. Monica is hardly the first entry level staffer to get in over her head by initiating an affair with a famous, charismatic leader. In earlier eras, journalists would have looked the other way.

The Clinton White House realized they had a problem. A public relations job at Revlon was arranged. If Ken Starr and his $50 million investigation hadn’t intervened, Monica would have been just another entry level college graduate, with opportunities to work her way up the corporate ladder and pursue more appropriate romantic partners.

Alas, Monica’s coworker brought forth tapes of conversations — tapes that may have been illegal and that many prosecutors would have ignored. Monica found herself talking to federal agents and was (understandably) too naive to demand a lawyer. And nobody’s benefited, least of all Monica.

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