Realistic ways to fire up your creativity when you’ve been in a slump.

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readSep 7, 2023

We write so much for marketing. Inevitably we start to lose the fire. You need sysems in place to flame up again.

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When I first started working online, I’d been writing professionally (in some capacity or other) for most of my adult life. Yet I was surprised to learn how writing played such a large role in online marketing. You need to write … and write a lot… and then write some more.

With the sheer volume of writing, even the most enthusiastic, passion-driven person can hit a creativity wall. It’s like the fire’s gone out.

There’s no single way to rekindle creativity and become enthusiastic again. Everyone’s different and after a while, you learn what works for you.

You might recharge your creativity by …

…attending live and virtual events with people who work in fields that seem far removed from yours.

For a while, I attended meetings with business owners whose clients were Fortune 500 companies. It felt like landing at Heathrow or JFK in a Cessna, surrounded by very fast-moving jumbo jets. But. I got lots of ideas.

…offering new products to your list as an affiliate.

It’s stimulating to write about something new, while introducing your community to solutions they’d never find otherwise.

And it’s a good way to learn how to sell a product before creating your own.

…doing something creative outside your business.

This one’s my personal favorite. Some people get inspired by visiting an art museum or attending a concert; others want to get hands-on with art, music, or some community activity. It’s like cross-training your brain.

…working from a series of prompts, story openings, or content starters.

It’s like taking an open-ended exam where you’re assigned a topic. There’s something about honing in on a topic that stimulates energy and encourages new ideas. You could work with prompts like, “Tell me a story about…”

You can google “writing prompts” but it’s better to make up your own. One way to do this is to explore other people’s articles. What would have been a prompt for them? Now take the same prompt and write your own piece.

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