Stories for Self-Motivation in Business

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readJun 6, 2023

Business storytelling can be used for more than marketing. Tell these stories to yourself and see what happens.

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Motivation often gets presented as one of those “soft” topics, even as woo-woo. Yet researchers find that people who review a certain type of story before attacking a difficult task will enjoy increased productivity and better outcomes.

For instance, management researcher Adam Grant studied workers at call centers who solicited donations for scholarships. One group heard first-hand stories of how these funds have helped real people; the other got the usual training materials. The group who heard the stories raised significantly more money and spent more time on the phone.

In his book, Sell With A Story, Paul Smith calls this type of story the “inspiration story.” It’s the one you tell yourself when you need to rev up your passion for action. In his example, a biotech sales rep gets motivated from this customer’s story:

“Before my doctor prescribed your drug, I barely had enough energy to leave the house. Now I can sit my grandkids; I can get down on the floor to play with them; I can travel. So thank you. You gave me back my life.”

Your Own Motivation Story

Try this experiment. Keep a file of notes from grateful clients. Some can be turned…



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