The 3-Step New Year Fix For Your Business

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As the New Year starts, we can expect to see dozens — or hundreds — of ideas for planning. Here’s a 3-step overview that makes up most people’s planning process.

Your story doesn’t have to be your origin story — “how I got here.” It’s the story that captures the essence of you and your message.

One business owner’s story is about building a business part-time while she raised her children. She’s built her own story around helping people who want to earn a full-time income on a part-time basis.

Another business owner tells the story of helping her friends who couldn’t afford a plane ticket to visit her (back in the days when people traveled casually). She taught them how to earn money online. Soon they were too busy to come visit.

“Your story” isn’t always about you. And it’s not just one story. Many business owners keep a portfolio of stories, so they can choose exactly the story they need to fit their strategy.

On Thursday, January 21, I’m holding a special webinar:
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This is the hardest part of business organizing. Research shows it’s harder to give up what we have than to forego buying something we don’t own.

You’re asked to place a value on a coffee mug you don’t own. What’s it worth? What would you pay to buy it?

Once you get the mug, the experimenter asks to buy it back. Almost always, you’ll ask a higher price. Ownership confers value.

So it’s hard to let go of memberships, courses and organizations. You keep thinking you “might” use them.

For a long time I had a collection of domains that seemed to fit my business. But as I changed focus, a lot of these domains became irrelevant and I finally let them go. It doesn’t. seem like much- $10 a year — but 10? 50? They add up.

I’m focusing on storytelling and strategy. Sure, I’ll do some copywriting …
but I don’t need to invest in programs to help me become a freelance writer.

As the Coach Glue team puts it, you can find, finesse and finish up all that old content you have lying around. I’ve been going through some of my old articles.

Many belong in the first category: they’ll do me more harm than good. But some can be repurposed as hidden gems.

Do you have half-finished courses and autoresponders? I found a couple on my hard drive when I was migrating to my new laptop. They were better than I remembered…and I’ll have new products for nearly zero effort.

Did you buy PLR and now you’re too busy to turn your PLR into courses? Often a copywriter can help. You’ll have to calculate the value of finishing the courses and making sales, versus the cost to implement.

The Coach Glue team has come up with a 30-day business planning workshop. You can use it for yourself or create a program for your clients. Take $50 off the price when you buy before Thursday at midnight.
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And you’ll find even more creative ways to use the workshop after my free webinar, coming up January 21.

Dr. Cathy Goodwin is an experienced copywriter and online marketing strategist. She helps service-based businesses establish their online presence and attract ideal clients with storytelling. Cathy has lived all over North America (including Alaska and Canada). She is now happily settled in Philadelphia with two adopted cats who refuse to share their stories.

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Helping entrepreneurs and independent professionals grow their businesses one story at a time.

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