The four word sentence that’s a small business deal-breaker (and how to make sure they never say it)

Cathy Goodwin
3 min readApr 25

Small business marketing means understanding where they’re coming from. And frankly, they just don’t believe you can deliver the goods.

In the early stages of my business, I didn’t have a lot of testimonials.

So initially I was baffled the first time someone clicked on a “buy” button for a consultation…someone who was a total stranger, in another state, who’d never done a get-acquainted call. And I was surprised when people would click on my product “buy” buttons.

Some of my clients shared the same experience — total strangers would engage on their websites. Others had to spend much more time on one-to-one calls. Almost always, when we worked on the copy, they got to spend less face time and phone time to get clients.

It took me a while to figure this out. What clues did customers find in the content? What small tweaks to the copy would get prospects to say, “This one’s the real deal”?

As a college professor, in my former incarnation, I’d studied trust. And now I analyzed the content of the sales pages, blog posts and more.

Some differences surprised me. Who knew… telling a certain story would bring buyers? Being creative and original…more buyers!

Some didn’t. Case studies win every time. They’re just challenging to create.

So I created a couple of courses — Content for Credibility and Case Studies for more Clients. If you bought each one separately, your total would be $196.

But, just for this week, I’m bundling these 2 courses together for a very special price — $99. If you’d like to go right to the sales page, you can click here.

Introducing: The Content Credibility Pop-Up Bundle: 2 Courses Specially Priced

My course, Content for Credibility, takes you step-by-step through the 6 Pillars of Credibility and shows you a few subtle tweaks that will transform your prospect’s responses.

Even better: There’s no better way to create credibility than by writing a case study…a unique combination of copywriting and persuasive storytelling. Hiring a case study pro can cost you thousands…

Cathy Goodwin

Create a compelling marketing message that attracts your ideal clients through your unique selling story.