How To Position Yourself As An Expert

Cathy Goodwin
5 min readFeb 2, 2020

Get more clients by promoting your expertise with these strategies.

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When you need a new roof, would you rather hire a licensed contractor who’s been in business for ten years? Or would you choose your well-meaning brother-in-law who’s got some time on his hands?

Most likely you’ll pick the contractor and invite your brother-in-law to celebrate the new roof when it’s done.

After all, a roof pretty important. If it’s installed wrong, you’ll have water dripping into the master bedroom every time it rains. You might even have birds flying around the attic.

And even though the bro-in-law will be cheaper, you’ll pay more because you’ll need to have the whole thing patched up or done over.

As a smart consumer, you understand the value of paying for expertise.

When you’re a service business, you need to position yourself so buyers will instantly see the value of paying for your expertise.

How do you send the message, “I’m an expert!”

One of the best ways to establish expertise is to tell a story that surprises your listeners, creating an “Aha!” moment for them. This story will be even more powerful than a credential or testimonial, because you’re not just telling: you’re demonstrating.

As a service professional, you’re in the business of transformation. So you’ll need to show that you know how to make transformations happen.

Transformation almost always begins with an awareness of what’s happening now and what needs to be changed. As a change agent, you often create this awareness by delivering what’s come to be known as “aha” moments.

These two stories created “aha” moments, with great success.

Let’s review two examples from one of the best books I read last year: The End of Average, by Todd Rose.

At first, I thought the book would be more self-help, along the lines of, “These Days You Can’t Afford To Accept Yourself As Average. You Have To Be Outstanding.” Instead, his message is, “The concept of ‘average’ can be dangerous to your business, education, and life.”

Cathy Goodwin

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