The Secret To Communicating With Your Best Clients

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Edgy copywriting means joining the conversation with your target audience, using their language. When you use just the right amount of edge, you join a conversation and you even become the topic of other people’s conversations…and that leads to increased conversions from your website and sales letter.

A while back, a Wall Street Journal story reported that jeans manufacturers are trying to communicate directly with their most valuable customers. We’re talking about sophisticated marketers, such as Levi’s and Old Navy.

If you love your jeans (and I admit I do), you probably acknowledge that you check yourself out in your full-length mirror … from the rear. You want to see how your [derriere, rear end, butt, booty or ass] looks. You’re not alone.

In the movie Sleepless In Seattle, the Tom Hanks character gets warned that he will be judged by this same booty. His buddy even helps him out by taking a peek underneath his jacket.

The truth is, to make your copy truly edgy, you’ll need to choose your words carefully when describing this part of the …um, anatomy. You choose the words your target market is using.

The WSJ refers to the 3-letter word beginning with an “A.” (I kid you not.) Apparently, words like “bottom,” “rear end,” “behind” and even “tushie” are totally acceptable.

After all, they point out, few young women will say, “My derriere looks adorable in these jeans.

And only a few women are left in the world to refer to a “pain in the patootie.”

Too bad. I rather like “patootie” myself.

At the other extreme, some marketers go out of their way to sound like Tony Soprano, using words they believe will resonate with their target market. You’re offended? No problem. They don’t want you anyway.

British and Canadian speakers get to bypass the whole controversy. From what I can tell, the word “bum” is universally used and acceptable in the most sensitive company. And in some countries, what we delicately call the “F-word” has always been part of everyday life, especially among young people.

What do you think? What words offend you? Or do you actually feel more comfortable when you hear some of these formerly taboo words used on webinars and ads?

Want to get to the … um, bottom of the matter? Sign up for my free report, 7 Copy Tips To Jumpstart Your Sales.

Or let’s set up a consultation. We’ll review your copy and suggest specific ways to add an edge, without sacrificing professionalism.

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