This is not the way to advertise for a copywriter

Cathy Goodwin
2 min readJul 3, 2022

“Rockstar” copywriters don’t come cheap. They’re not answering ads. And do you really need one, anyway?

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A business owner was complaining, “I need to hire a freelance copywriter. I know there are many hungry copywriters out there…but they’re not responding to my ads.”

Why was this business owner getting such a poor response?

1 — He asked for a “rockstar copywriter” for $20 an hour.

Rockstar copywriters make 5–10x per hour what he’s paying.

Anyway, what’s a rockstar? Get more specific about the qualities you need.

2 — He wasn’t specific about the job.

He just said, “Copywriter wanted…” but for what?

Some copywriters specialize in sales letters. Some work on email marketing campaigns. Some work on really esoteric projects.

3 — His ad said, “Applicants will be required to complete a trial assignment.”

If he’s paying for the job, he needs to say something like, “We’ll start off with a small project and see how it goes.”

If he’s not paying for the test, he can expect to attract copywriters who are truly desperate, with time on their hands. They might be beginners seeking a toehold in the market.

Rockstar copywriters don’t have time for unpaid “test” assignments.

What should he do instead?

1 — Advertise for a copywriter who has written the genre he needs — websites, sales letters, case studies. Sometimes industry will be relevant (e.g., finance and legal writing call for special knowledge).

2 — Emphasize the importance of a copywriter getting to know you and your target audience. That’s the most important part of copywriting.

3 — Research the market. If you’re holding the line at less than $50 an hour, choose a beginner. You might get a pro applying for a beginner’s job. But you won’t get a pro applying for a demanding “expert level” job when payment is capped at $25 an hour.

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