How To 10X Your DIY Copywriting Results Without BecomingA Copywriter

Cathy Goodwin
3 min readAug 10

Entrepreneurs and independent professionals are usually surprised at the benefits they gain from a copywriting review. Get professional copy at a fraction of the cost of hiring a pro copywriter.

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A lot of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and independent professionals want to write their own websites, sales letters, landing pages, and lead magnets.

Good idea! You know your business and your market better than anyone.

But sometimes you find yourself spending hours trying to tweak that copy…change a word here, insert a phrase there.

Is there something a pro copywriter might do that would make a huge difference in your results?

Probably…but you probably know: hiring a copywriter to write the copy can be challenging. Good copywriters don’t come cheap. And they’re not always available when you need them.

You can still 10X your copywriting impact. You can hire a copywriter to review your copy and make recommendations.

Most copywriters don’t offer reviews. Most business owners don’t know about them. But, with the right writer and the right business. magic can happen.

A copy review helps you in two ways.

1 — You get an outside, objective perspective

2 — You learn new techniques and tips based on the copywriter’s experience and training. In this way, a copywriting review is a small bit of copy coaching.

You’ll most likely benefit from a copywriting review if…

…you’re continually toying with your website copy and can’t get it to feel right (if you’ve got a deadline, a copywriting review makes it more likely you’ll be done on time).

…you feel you could be getting better results from your website or sales letter (usually it’s something that’s easy to fix)

…you’ve got a lot of specialized expertise and you’re needing to reach an audience that doesn’t understand your jargon or tech wisdom (a common reason for bringing a copywriter on board).

Some business benefits from a copy review…

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