“Why isn’t my story selling?”

Cathy Goodwin
3 min readJun 19, 2024

Everybody says you transform your business with a story. So why not yours?

Image by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash.

I’ve been reviewing websites and notes from readers in the last few days. One question that comes up is, “Why isn’t my story working? I have a story. I tell it often. But people seem to shrug it off.”

Reason #1: They can’t find your story.

If you include a story on your website, make it easy to find. Use graphics to make your story stand out so people won’t miss it.

Your home page probably doesn’t feature a story unless it’s a blockbuster, game changer, and award winner. Consider moving your story to your “Servces” or “About” Page.

A landing page for a lead magnet can be a very good place for a story. Sometimes it’s the whole page. And if it’s a good story, people will be moved to click right away.

Reason # 2: You are not telling a selling story.

You are telling a branding story, not a sales story. Or you’re telling a personal story that doesn’t make people say, “I want what she’s having.”

Your story may help your audience see you as likeable and friendly. That’s still not a selling story.



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