Want to connect on LinkedIn? Don’t tell me I’m amazing.

Cathy Goodwin
4 min readMay 1

If you use a LinkedIn message template, it’s just that…a suggestion. Fill in the blanks or come across as cheesy.

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Does someone want to connect with you on LinkedIn? Do you get messages like these:

“It looks like you’re doing some pretty amazing things with storytelling.”

“I’d love to learn more about your journey to success.” “Let’s get to know each other better.”

Somebody’s sharing a template. So I played detective…i.e., googled “How to write LinkedIn welcome messages.”

Sure enough, up popped several posts from “experts.” I’m going to omit their names because I’m not into finger-pointing and business-owner-bashing. Not that I’m not tempted…

It was amazing meeting you at [event] and learning about your company. The conversation on [related topic] was pretty interesting and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to knowing more about you and your exciting role.


I recently read your LinkedIn article on [topic name]. Your thoughts on [mention key takeaways from the article] are amazing and I totally agree with you. I’d love to keep in touch with you and learn more about your work and ideas.


“Hi [name] — I’m a huge fan of what you’re doing.”

Please do not use these templates out of the boc.

it’s like an outdated sales conversation where the salesperson was trained to find a way to give you a compliment. Someone says, “What a pretty blue sweater!” and you’re supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy…when you know they’re trying to sell.

It’s a big negative when you ask a question that’s answered right on my Home Page or About Page.

Want to know what I do? Head on over to my “Work with me” page.

Even worse if it’s in my LinkedIn Profile.

So what to do instead?

Option 1 — Just send a request with no message.

Or send a simple one-liner: “Your name came up and after a quick look at your profile, I think it makes…

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