“Will I ever make enough money?”

Asking this question means you might be ready for a career change.

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(1) Making money is more about mindset than anything else.

Begin by reading Ramit Sethi’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Many people do just fine by following his advice and managing their own money. As you accumulate significant wealth, you’ll discover whether you’ve got the discipline and head for DIY investing.

(2) Explore careers as choices, not just as “whatever pops up.”

What are your options? If you can do customer service, can you get into sales? If you can sell you’ll make good money and nobody will care how much education you have (in many fields).

(3) Make sure your present position gives you options to grow your marketability and your earnings.

Can you move ahead in your current field without a degree?

(4) In today’s world, your career plan needs to include a side hustle.

If you can find a way to be self-employed, the sky’s the limit. Start by reading Chris Guillebeau’s book, Side Hustle: http://mycopy.info/hustle

(5) Be proactive! Get out there and hustle.

Careers used to be all about looking for your next job…and the next. Fifty years ago, stability was a big career value. You were expected to find a career field — and maybe a specific company — and stick to it.

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