You reached your goal: why aren’t you happier?

Career success calls for a new career change plan…hopefully in place before you reach your goal.

1. Plan a big event to celebrate.

Transitions are best marked by rituals. Society has few rituals to celebrate getting promoted or landing a dream job after a long campaign. So we have to create our own.

2. Fill your calendar with activities you will enjoy.

When you’ve worked toward a goal for a long time, your days were filled with purposeful activity and (probably) interesting people. Cynthia, for instance, spent long hours with her study group. Karen worked 11-hour days with frequent calls to her business advisors.

3. Plan your next big win.

What will your next big meaningful goal look like? Karen wanted a new career in the arts. Ivan wanted to start his own business. Cynthia wasn’t sure — which is fine. A law degree can take her in many exciting directions. But she can begin by exploring options now, years before she needs them.

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